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Praying For Grandma

Praying For Grandma

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A person receives a phone call to pray for Grandma who is in the hospital. He/she struggles with the prayer not knowing how to pray and there are doubts and fears revealed as well as a wandering mind, and the one praying finally gets peace and submits to the will of God.

One actor. Only about 3-4 minutes.

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Written by Warren Sager

You enter the stage talking on a cell phone:

So… what did the doctor say? (pause) Oh. So, will she be alright? (pause) I see. Well, I will definitely be praying for her. (pause) I would hate for anything to happen to her, you know that. I realize God has a time for everybody… but we don’t know that and we can pray. I will pray right now. I know you have to go… thanks for calling, Mom. (you hang up the phone and just sort of stand there thinking for a bit. You bow your head to pray…but don’t start. You act disgusted and begin pacing a bit…. Then you stop and drop to your knees) Dear God… I want to lift up my grandma to you. She is so sick and she’s in the hospital and I just ask that you would touch her body and heal her. What my mom said doesn’t sound good. I know that you love her and you care about her and she is in your hands. Please help her Lord. Please… in Jesus name…. (stop and open your eyes and look around) Is that it? Is that all I can do? She needs prayer right now… and all I can give grandma was a one minute prayer? Some people can pray for an hour… some pray all day long! I can do more. (closes eyes again.) Father! I don’t want to stop that fast. I know that you heard my prayer and you have a plan for grandma. Maybe it is her time… but I don’t want her to go yet. I need her. She is so godly and so sweet and I love her so much… Please help her Lord. Don’t take her from us yet. (stops and sort of half praying and half talking to yourself) Man… I really am afraid that she will die. I am full of fear. Lord! Remove this fear and doubt from me! Your word says that we need to pray in faith… believing. You don’t want us to doubt! I confess to you that I AM doubting and I AM afraid. Do you hear my prayer? (Pause with eyes closed) Now my mind is wandering! I’m thinking about her funeral and grandpa’s funeral last year. What is that? I can’t even stay focused. Lord… help me to pray! Help me to keep my mind on what you want me to pray about. (pause) What am I thinking about now? Why am I thinking….? Oh… Lord, you are reminding me of unconfessed sin. I know you are. I confess it to you now Lord… I was so wrong, please forgive me and help me to turn away from that sin. I know that if I regard any sin in my heart, you will not hear me. Also, if I pray with wrong motives… Oh God. My motive is that I want to have grandma around for awhile longer. Is that wrong? Am I selfish? I feel such a heavy burden… so many feelings… I don’t know how to pray! (pause) Father…please rebuke and bind the devil from me and from this prayer in the name and through the blood of Jesus Christ!! (pause) Wow! Thank you, Lord. That is so much better. I feel a peace now. I feel your presence with me and your reassurance. I know you are in control. You will guide the doctors and the nurses and you will accomplish your purpose for this whole thing. If I know Grandma, she is witnessing to them all down there at the hospital right now. You know what you are doing, Lord. I place grandma in your very capable hands. Lord… not my will, but your will be done. In Jesus’ precious name… Amen.

Copyright 2005 Warren Sager

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